My name is Michael and for so long I have seen on TV and the web too many people around the world pushing quick fix diet fads just to make money. Everyone has seen those ads were they are selling exercise equipment and are saying purchase this from us and just use it for 30 minutes a day and you will have wash board abs. 

Just before I continue I have to let you know that I am not a qualified dietician, PT trainer or have any type of medical degree. What I know about diet and exercise is from life experience. So before starting any type of exercise or change of diet you should first consult your doctor.

Now back to the wash board abs, all I can say is excuse the language "that is crap". What they don't tell you is to get those wash board abs is that you need to cut out all carbohydrates from your diet and only eat vegetables and very lean meat and not much of it as well. Also you will still need to do some kind of cardio exercise and weight training to achieve wash board abs.

I learnt from one of my work colleges just how hard you have to work to achieve wash board abs. I just started working with him at the start of 2012 and he told me he was very overweight in 2011. So he decided to do the online Biggest loser challenge, he ended up winning the competition and won around $2000 for losing the most weight. He told me to do it he basically just ate vegetables and lean meat and very small portion for 6 weeks. He was also doing boxing circuits 3 times a week and working out at the gym 5 days a week. They don't tell you that when they are trying to sell you their amazing new weight loss program do they.

The above is why I have started this website, I want to get the truth out there about exercise. What we eat and what the normal average overweight person needs to do to lose weight, keep it off and live a long healthy life with their loved one's.

So my mission is to seek out and interview as many expert dieticians, personal trainers, physiologists and doctors that are not afraid to go against the government's policies of what healthy eating is. Then I will post the interviews on this site for everyone to watch for free. I honestly want to help the world to become a much more healthier and happier place to live.

I have chosen the Paleo diet, well I should say the Paleo way of life because to me diet means a short term thing. Where the Paleo way of life is for good, it is not a short term thing. I have looked at a lot of different healthy eating plans and I believe the Paleo stands out above every other. Once you really look into the Paleo way of life and start getting more informed about processed foods and grain products and what they do to our health it then all makes sense.

Heart of the Matter Part 1.


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  1. Hi Lisa

    Thanks for leaving a nice comment. I am slowly getting this website up. I am bound to get some negative posts, but that is part of life. I will be updating my webpage as quickly as I can. At the moment I am creating this by myself.

    I just hope I can contribute to helping some people to get healthier.

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